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SCK Certifications Private Limited, herein and after referred to as “SCK” is an independent Conformity Assessment Body with an aim to serve globally having its head office in India. SCK includes an efficient and hardworking team of professionals, Partners & Associates. SCK is accredited by the United Accreditation Foundation (USA).


SCK Certifications Private Limited’s mission is to provide world-class certification services that help organizations demonstrate their commitment to quality, safety, and environmental sustainability. We aim to empower our clients with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve their goals and improve their performance, while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and customer service. Our mission is to be a trusted partner for organizations around the world, helping them to build a better future for themselves and their stakeholders.
At SCK CERTIFICATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED, we envision a future where our name is synonymous with excellence and trust in the world of certification. By 2028, we aim to become the foremost global authority in delivering top-tier certification services, empowering businesses to reach their full potential through our rigorous, reliable, and innovative offerings. As we strive to set new benchmarks in quality and customer satisfaction, our commitment to fostering growth, integrity, and continuous improvement will solidify our position as the preeminent choice for certifications worldwide.
SCK believes that trust in audit and certification process depends on the impartiality of the persons involved in these processes.
SCK is committed to provide an independent, impartial and effective management system certification as required to all its clients and the Accreditation Board requirements.

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Certification can be a useful tool to add credibility by demonstrating that your product or service meets your customers’ expectations.

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